Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Selena Gomez's Slow Down Inspired Makeup Look

Hi pandas!

Another Selena Gomez look because I love her so much and I adore her! :))) She's a beauty I just can't help recreating her looks from her music videos. The looks are so sexy and sophisticated!! :) In the first parts of the music video, she wore a smexy red lipstick so that is the main feature that we want to emphasize. The look was a little smokey but very subtle and she wore a very strong cat eye!

Video Reference

The look is very simple and red lips spiced it up!  hope you can recreate the look too. I'll show you how :3

Colors are from my dupe Mac brow set, Maybelline's mousse eyeshadow and an Avon palette

1. I just realized that I should start moisturizing more so I bought this Myra-E moisturizer that's is surprisingly works good on me. I wanted to have a smooth canvas because it gives of a better finish.

2. Then, I applied my Careline Liquid Makeup in Oriental and the concealed my dark circles and blemishes with my concealer palette. I set the look with Wish pressed powder in natural.

3. In the music video her brows are just this youthful straight one it was kinda easy for me since I do wear my brows like what she had because as I have said straight brows make you look younger! :) I used my Angelique pencil liner in black.

4. With a clean blending brush I applied a matte brown eyeshadow on my crease just to give my eyes depth.

5. Then with my ring finger, I took a beige shimmer shadow and applied it on my lids.

6. I intensified the color on my crease by taking a dark brown matte eyeshadow and building it up more in my crease in a wiper motion.

7. This look is all about building up the colors because it has to appear subtle but it also should be a little smokey. Blending is the key and for my final eyeshadow color and with my eyeshadow brush I took this shimmer caramel color and pat it on my lids.

8. She wore this very define cat eye so I took my gel liner and and exaggerated my usual cat eye by extending the wing more upwards. You can use whichever kind of liner you prefer as long as it has a very strong color payoff.

9. The last color is this shimmer dark brown that I applied in my lower lashline. I opted for brown than black because I want the look to be wearable and soft.

Color is from an Avon quad palette that I rarely use :)

10. I am not gifted with thick lashes so I had to wear falsies to give me a more dramatic finish. 

11. I contoured my cheeks using a matte brown eyeshadow to give me this bronzy effect and also to make my face a little smaller and more chiseled. haha

12. She didn't wear much blush so I used my shimmer light pink blush and applied it on the apple of my cheeks. :3

13. For her iconic red lips in the video I mixed Ever Bilena's matte lipstick in storm and Fashion21's True Love lipstick using a lip liner brush.

Here's the final look!!

In the video she also wore her hair in a bun so I tried it too. If you want a tutorial about this hair let me know by commenting below. :)

I really had fun recreating her look and you even might see me wear it a number of times. hahaha
I hope you liked it!
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