Saturday, August 10, 2013

Avon YMIB Blogger Challenge Semi-Finals Entry: Picturesque (Sultry Brown Smokey Eye)

Hi y'all dear pandas!

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Come with me as I venture my way through a particularly familiar international brand, AVON.

Some of you might have seen or heard through various social networking sites the ULTIMATE You Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge of Avon and as an enthusiast I would not let this opportunity pass me by. I would like to thank Avon for giving me a chance by choosing me as one of the semi-finalists in the challenge. 

If only I could wear this outside as an ID hahahahaha

I will definitely say that this challenge brought out the best in my creative self, tested my patience and ability to deliver because as beauty blogger I would want to share to my readers what I know can be best for them. :)

To get you in the zone I would brief you to what the bloggers are supposed to do!

Phase 1 is the part where we submit one video or 3 blog entries of the best makeup tutorials that we had so basically you have to be blogging atleast for a year. AVON will choose semi-finalists from there.

Phase 2 is where we were given pre-determined makeup kits that we randomly chose and we have to make a look under these themes: Color Fantasy, Flushed with Beauty and Smokey Eye. We have to make the looks out of what we have. That is the challenge.

Phase 3 is voting where you guys would decide who will be the newest members of the AVON Makeup Council. :)


I am now in Phase 2 which got me excited about because I get to try their makeup :)). I also, met new friends during our brief meeting so that was a bonus!

I got the A102 Chocolate Sensation True Color Eyeshadow Quad which looks like this:
I do not know if it was luck or co-incidence but I have been wanting a neutral palette for quite some time now and I was able to pick this quad up! I swore I never let this go once I got a hold of it! 

I knew instantly what theme I'll do ofcourse *drum roll please* SMOKEY EYE!!! 
So without further adieu let's get down to business (insert Mulan reference here)....

1. You can never go wrong with a beautiful canvass so go ahead and start off with your favorite foundation, concealer routine. I set my base using AVON's beautiful dual powder foundation:

2. Define your brows. I swear this one is the best one I have tried out there. Few years in makeup and I still struggle with brows I tried everything but I think I found the one. This AVON brow definer glides on smoothly just make sure you have a light hand while applying. Outline your brows first then blend it all with a spooly :)
Glimmersticks Brow Definer in B01 Soft Black

3. To start smokey-fying my eyes I took a hold onto my A102 Chocolate Sensation True Color Eyeshadow Quad and started applying using an eyeshadow brush and eyeshadow number 2 Milk Chocolate all over my lids. You can also use the sponge applicator that comes with the quad. :)
*Photo Reference above*

4. I blurred the harsh edges around my lids following my orbital bone using a clean blending brush dipped into eyeshadow 3 Truffle.

5. I started smokey-fying the look using a pencil brush together with eyeshadow 4 Black Brown and I just applied it on the outer corners so I can blend it on my crease afterwards.

6. I brought eyeshadow 3 Truffle on my lower lashline to define my eyes.

7. I added drama in my eyes with the use of an eyeliner brush together with 4 Black Brown. I lined my eyes and also the outer half of my lower lashline.

8. I intensified the smokey eye by tightlining my eyes and lining my waterline with AVON Glimmersticks Eye Liner G01 Blackest Black. I also added some eye liner on my brush and added another layer of liner in my eyes. I did not directly applied the eye liner because I want my lines to be softer looking.

Then highlighted my browbone using 1 Shimmering Beige.

9. Curl your lashes and apply generous amount of mascara. I really don't have thick lashes and applying falsies are hard so I usually opt for volumizing mascaras such as AVON's Super Shock Max Mascara in 0021 Black.

10. To give my face life I then applied a pink blush from AVON, Ideal Luminous Blush in E301 Rose Luster on the apples of my cheeks. I also contoured a little bit using the blush to define my face.

11. Since I opted for smokey eyes I just popped out my AVON Ultra Color Lipstick in I108 Knockout Pink and a layer of Ultra Glazewear Lipgloss in K106 Mauve Movement.


I hope you liked it!
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BONUS: Before and After HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :) AVON made me more beautiful >:)