Saturday, October 20, 2012

Color Blocking

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So, what I have for you in this entry is a trend long overdue and I was so late to realize to make a look dedicated for it. Yes, the title says so it is Color Blocking. It was a trend last season (I don't know if it is still a trend now) but it kinda caught my eye while doing some research and getting some makeup look inspiration to post for you today. Anyway, Color blocking is a fashion trend where you mix two pieces of clothing, garment, accessory or whatever with colors completely opposite in the color wheel. It is kinda risky mind you especially if you do it on your clothes but surprisingly the colors blend well together when worn and it doesn't even hurt our bare fashion inclined eyes.

Remember the time when colored skinny jeans was a trend? It was really kinda hard to pair a good top with that though I never had colored skinny jeans because I always thought it was not a good bargain since trends change so fast but I was wrong I should get one really soon (I hope I'm not too late finding blue skinny jeans hahaha).

However, you also have to keep in mind to try the colors first before finally wearing it in some place plus it is kinda complicated to achieve a well blended combination of colors that is supposed to be in the opposite of the color wheel, confusing huh? (I'm so confusing)

I would suggest you wear this look if you're going into a crazy night or getaway with your friends. :)

the makeup color inspiration

So yeah, here's my take on Color Blocking makeup look version...
(It is also my first time to use an eyeliner to work as an eyeshadow) 

1. Prep your face and define your brows, as always.

2. Apply a matte brown eye shadow over your lids. This will serve as a base and a neutralizer for all the color that you'll apply later on.

2. Now, with a chocolate brown eyeshadow, apply it in the outer corner oy your eyes and smudge it with a blending brush going over the crease. This will add drama to your look which will balance the color that you'll be applying later on.

3. Then apply a turquoise colored eyeshadow in the center of your lids and make sure you apply it in a patting motion so the color will appear pigmented.

4. Apply an electric blue eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes with the same patting motion. Be sure to blend the two colors enough to blur the sharp edges and not to fade them out.

5. Add some depth using a shiny light brown eyeshadow . Apply it on the crease in a back and forth motion.

6. For the colors to be more pigmented I used this Nichido color intense eye pencil in Metal Blue and applied it all over the lids using my finger so it will work well with the powder eyeshadow. It also serves as a cream shadow so the color will last. Make sure to blend it well so it won't appear cakey.

you can blend using your finger (preferred technique as the warmth in your fingers makes it capable to blend well)

(or a brush)

7. Use the same brown matte eyeshadow and apply it on the outer lower lashline.

8. With a purple eyeshadow apply it on your inner lowerlashline and over the matte brown eyeshadow.

9. Using another Nichido pencil in Deep Plum, line your lower lashline and smudge it with a blending brush or an eyeshadow brush.

10. Then for a shiny kick, I used a metallic sky blue eyshadow from Wet N' Wild and dubbed some over the metallic blue.

11. Use a white eyeshadow to highlight your browbones.

12. My lip color is a metallic plum color to suite my liner. :)

13. Curl your lashes and add mascara.

Here's the final look :)
I added brown for drama (I'm a sucker for dramatic looks)

the article that helped me:

Hope you liked it!
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