Sunday, September 02, 2012

Your Guide to Ukay-Ukay Shopping! (Thrift Store Shopping)

Hello my lovely Pandas!


I am welcoming this month with an entry dedicated to clothes. 

So today, my bestfriend and I went to a nearby market (just a jeepney away) to do some local thrift shopping. Here in the Philippines, thrift stores are known as Ukay-Ukay. These are stores that are selling secondhand clothes, shoes, bags, house wares and whatever and these stuff are very cheap and affordable.

Don’t get me wrong I love shopping at malls but I don't have a lot to spend and for the fact that I am a chubby girl it’s really hard to find clothes that are cheap on malls and boutiques. So, as an alternative I occasionally (I think now frequently) go to these thrift stores all around town to find the best and most comfortable clothes out there. 

Prices range from 300 Php – 5 Php, yes you read that right 5php very cheap huh?

Some of you might not like Ukay-Ukay shopping. I heard some talk to me about these clothes being dirty and carry diseases or what have you but I believe that as long as you wash these clothes well before officially wearing them then you’re good to go. And you always have to pick the clothes that are in its best condition when you go Ukay shopping. 

So yeah I’ll just give you pictures of what I have bought so far from the past moths ‘til today.  I guess this is like an Ukay-Ukay haul plus some tips when you go thrift store shopping. :)

Tips for Thrift Shopping: The Battle Plan

1. Wear comfortable clothes

Since you'll go shopping you might want to wear comfy clothes. The hard part of thrift shopping is looking for clothes you'd like to buy in a gazillion collection of clothes. You're lucky if the store is air conditioned. I guess thrift stores in other countries are like that, some thrift stores here are air conditioned but most are not. So you will be facing sweat and physical contact with others thrift shopping too.

Another thing, I just noticed that clothes in air conditioned stores are more pricey than the ones in non-air conditioned stores. 

Wear clothes where you can easily slip the clothes you want to try out in case there are no decent fitting rooms available. Don't overdress or dress down while shopping, they might give you a higher price range if ever you look really decent *if you know what I mean*.

2. Be Patient and Keep your eye on the prize

Well if you don't want to get icky while thrift shopping better not go and just do your shopping at malls. And also, it takes a lot of patience to search for the perfect item. It will take you time to do searching and sorting out. :) 

The shopping is tedious and you can't find the buried treasure if you keep on whining and nagging. :)

3. The Free Hand

Go bag-free (I don't know if you get it haha) but don't bring a large bag with you while shopping, it adds to the burden. I always bring a foldable reusable bag just in case so I'll have a place to put everything that I bought.

Just bring a small purse or small clutch bag wear you can put your necessities.

4. Be keen, observant and a little greedy

Do not get lost with your surroundings. Be keen with your environment and also with the clothes you're going to buy. 

Check the clothing for damages, stains or whatever before finally buying them.

Don't put back the clothes that you think has the potential because you might regret putting it back. These clothes are unique and you can never find the same again. Learn to sort out the ones that you think is what you really want.

5. Don't buy undergarments, never.

6. Haggle for a half-price and don't be afraid to ask for assistance if you have to.

7. Go on SALE day!

Thrift stores on a sale have even more cheaper offers that thrift stores in a regular day. Time your shopping right.

8. Bring Change

No big bills. It is a must and it is better to pay the exact amount rather than pay with big bills.

9. Don't expect too much but still your local thrift store might surprise you. :) 

10. Have an idea of what clothes you want to buy in the first place so you'll not get caught up and lost in the paradise of beautiful clothes. :) aka. THE UKAY-UKAY BATTLE PLAN.

Here are just some finds today (Sept. 2, 2012) :)

 3 for 100Php

                      55Php                                           25Php                                            40Php

My finds from the past months :)

                                      15Php                                                                    15Php
                                        100Php                                                               65Php
                                    100Php                                                                   100Php
                                    100Php                                                                      55Php

Prices range because I bought some on a regular day and some on sale day :)

I hoped you liked it!
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