Monday, September 03, 2012

2-Way look, Part 1: The Morning Meeting

Heyya pandas!

This look is nothing but an idea from everywhere. I was thinking of a look that is very subtle and is wearable for an everyday look. I noticed that most of you are fond of subtle looks because these looks are simple and very easy to do. :)

This look will be two way, this Part 1 is the Subtle look that you can wear on a simple day and Part 2 will be a transformation from subtle to very sexy and defined look and you must watch out for that! :) From a morning meeting to an evening party, this look will definitely rock your world!

I really tried my best to post makeup looks since my laptop is still not working because my charger is broken and a lot of makeup looks are there so I’m starting again from scratch.

Without further adieu,

1. Prepare your face, use your favorite concealer and foundation and then set with loose powder.

             2.   Fill in your brows. I used a brown liner from Ever Bilena and also put some on my nose for slight contouring.
             3.  Dub the lightest violet that you have on your palette all over your lids, crease and just under the brow bone. I’m using this overused palette that I really like. It’s cream and metallic at the same time. J I used the first shade.

the one with the check mark :) This cream shadow is overused. :)

   4. Next, slightly dub the medium violet (the one at the center) just over your lids to give more emphasis to the color you first applied.

   5. Then, using this two shade palette from I used the darker violet on the left side and applied it on my crease to increase depth.

I think this one if from Ever Bilena too.
Go over your crease back and forth.

     Go over and dub the medium violet on your lids again for more color effect.

I      6. I applied the same color  from the two shadow palette on my inner and outer lower lashline.

          7.   I applied this violet liquid liner closes to my lashes. Just a thin line. highlighted my brow bone using my white eyeliner from Fashion 21. Blend it with your ring finger.

           8.   Curl your lashes and apply your mascara. Since, I want more volume without using falsies I used two mascaras. One is from Revlon Length and Drama and then Avon’s Extra Long Lasting. I applied the Avon mascara on my lower lashline too.

        9.  I used the blush from my Beauty Angel Palette, the darker pink shade on the right.

   10.  The shade of my lipstick is Hyperful Striking 2329 from Maxfactor :)

Viola here's your subtle look :)

The ring I'm wearing is from Mayumi's Alley :) 
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PS: I'm getting used to blogging using the desktop so pardon me for minor flaws! :)

I hope you liked it!
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