Monday, August 20, 2012

What look? & Where to wear?

Hey pandas!

This is a request from my friend Lyka :) She asked me to blog about what kind of makeup look
suit a particular clothing style.

Well, I thought about it very hard but since it is very difficult to set a definite style for  a specific makeup look I decided to just categorize makeup looks and talk about them. For me, makeup is subjective (an art) and it wouldn't require you anything as long as you can pull off the look you have then you have the right to wear it wherever and whenever. And besides, there are so many varieties of clothing style out there it would take me forever.

Now, I will tell you that this is not the rules for makeup looks and where to wear them.  I just made a list, my own view and opinion of where I usually wear certain makeup looks, what occasions or events and whatever. I am not a guru but yes, this is my list and I hope this will help you. :)

I have 8 categories and they are:


So okay, makeup looks that fall under this category are my most favorite ones and it is because the look can work on almost any occasion or any outfit. :) Neutral colors usually are different shades
of brown, taupe and beige. You can wear it at work, a party, on your wedding almost everywhere.


I have never worn dark makeup in public not because I don't want to but simply because I don't know when to wear it (I am not a party animal assuming dark makeup is for partying haha). I guess sporting dark makeup takes you to fashion shows, photoshoots, stage performances, halloween and wild parties. You can wear dark makeup without looking trampy or emo or whatever. Dark is glam and sophisticated. :)

check Taylor Momsen :)


If you're feeling playful, loud makeup colors are for you. Neon, pastel and anything loud will make you stand out. Loudness in your makeup depends on the intensity of the way you apply it. Shades of orange and green looks good for spring. Neon, if you are to attend a rave party or night parties or any occassion where you want to look playful and creative.


Simple makeup = work or school makeup. You don't want to look like your going to a big occassion but you want your face to look definite, your eyes emphasized and lips, juicy. :)


Smokey makeup looks for me are considered dramatic and warm. It makes you look obvious but subtle at the same time. I usually do smokey eye when I go to very formal events or events where I need to look respectful (???? haha) and sophisticated. Pair the look with your little black dress and your set! You can wear it also on a date. :">


Theatrical makeup for me are makeup looks that are well defined, intensified and emphasized. Colors are booming and there are exaggeration-s of facial features. You would want to wear it on costume parties, hallooween, cosplay and theater performances and even photoshoots.

fail makeup look hahaha


Shimmering makeup looks brightens your eyes and usually I pair smokey and shimmer-y in my makeup looks whenever I go to events where I want to stand out. Prom, debut or even just a night party will suit your shimmering look.

lyn's eyes :)


Liner looks are makeup looks where your eyes are the ones defined. A look not much of eye shadow  but more of liners. Liner looks can take you anywhere. :) It is simple but it gives so much definition to your face.

Most of the time my makeup categories work well if they are mixed. What I mean is a look can be dramatic and at the same time colorful or it could be a liner look and the same time it's neutral. Almost like clothes, mix and match. :)

PS. My statements are from my experiences. :) Thank you Lyka for asking me this! :)
      All Pictures are mine. Check my Archive for these looks!

Hope you liked it!
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