Sunday, August 26, 2012

Skin Care Routine

Hey Pandas!


First and foremost and I don't know if this news will sadden you because it does sadden me, my laptop charger is broken and all my makeup tutorial pictures are there so I won't be able to post makeup tutorials soon but I will try my best to buy a new charger by the first week of September. (It would take that long since I have to save money for it first, I'm a poor kid. >:( ) Though, I still have a working desktop it's just hard to edit here than in my laptop. Good news is, I will just blog more tips and tricks, suggestions and solutions for your everyday makeup mishaps to fulfill the days that I won't be able to blog makeup tutorials. :) SORRY FOR THE DELAYS. :/ :)

My very supportive friend Rebecca, asked me if I can blog about my night time face routineThe problem is I don't have any yet and I don't want to blog about something that I don't do. It kinda ruins the trust you have on me and I don't want to blog about fictitious things. :) So as compromise and I hope she wouldn't be disappointed in me I would instead blog about the things I do and use to take care of not only my face but my skin. So here it goes,

Mother's knows best so all of these rituals that I do are suggested by my mother since I was a kid. I wouldn't say that these rituals are effective for all skin types but it using these products never failed me. I am only suggesting that it may be effective for you too. :)

1. Facial Cleanser that I don't apply on my face

Weird huh. How can I own a facial cleanser even if I don't use it for my face? 0.0 I don't use it on my face well I used to but with a different brand. I think the Johnson's Pure Essential Facial Cleanser have been phased out for years now (that's the one I've been using). I loved that product and I started using that for as long as I can remember but then one day, I couldn't find it in any stores anymore so I switched to Eskinol.

Because of it's high alcohol content I stopped using Eskinol for my face but I used it on my nape, underarm, my politeal fossa (back of the knee for short and I don't if that's correct haha) and the skin between my arms and forearm, "inner elbow" (I don't know what it is called hahaha). The reason is I have been a big girl since I was a kid so my mother wouldn't want me to have dark parts in my body like a dark nape or something that most chubby people develop.

I apply it every after taking a bath. :) Well apparently the high alcohol content removes the dark skin that develops around my problem areas and it's effective. I don't use it on my face because it makes my face flaky and dry.

2. Salt

Yes, you heard it right. Salt helps so much for skin rejuvenation, it helps remove dead skin cells. So if you want to have that baby skin, the one that tv commercials tell you, use salt. I used this once a week all over my body especially my arms because I get pimple-like problems in my arms and then in my face because it helps remove whiteheads and black heads. It leaves your skin smooth and glowing.

If you want to try it for the first time. I prefer iodized salt rather than rock salt. Because it's finer and easy to use, rub it all over your problem areas like what you do with a loufa and leave it on for a minute and rinse it with water and then your preferred facial wash and body soap.

Luckily, there are tons of salt scrubs out there that you can choose from.

3. Facial Wash

The most important of all. i don't need to say more. This is a must especially if you do apply alot of makeup and you are always exposed to pollution. :) I started using Ponds' pure white ever since its first release because it smells like a guy's perfume and it's very effective for me.

I use facial wash every night, after I take a bath and after my salt ritual. :)

4. Never used baby powder on my face ever

It was never my thing even though alot of my friends use baby powder for their face. You see, I am acne prone and using baby powder causes alot more damage than repair for me. I know for a fact that baby powder helps reduce oil  but I'd rather use wet wipes to eliminate oil build up on my face than baby powder. It clogs my pores and it makes my skin tone uneven. :))

5. Wet Wipes

Heaven. You can use wet wipes for anything, removing makeup or even keeping yourself fresh. I use this to eliminate oil build up on my face. :)

6. Moisturizer

This one is familiar I sometimes include this with some of my tutorials. :) This particular brand is water-based so it's good for people with oily skin. :) I use this before applying my makeup and sometimes when it's really hot outside and I have to go out.

This blog got me thinking, I should have my own face care routine but you see I cannot faithfully commit to having solid face rituals because of the reason that I don't know (hahahaha). But, if I do and be able to have one in the future I'll definitely share it here. :)

PS: I don't recommend that you try these but if you want to you can and ask me if you have more questions. :) They absolutely didn't pay me to mention these products ( I hope so they pay me, this is advertising right? haha) and also these photos are not mine. ))

I really do hope this entry helped you.
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