Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rave Razzle-Dazzle

Hello pandas!

I am back with a new request from my friend Edda :) Hi Edda! :) She requested a form of rave makeup look but with glam and I think she likes pink so I decided to do one with pink but don't worry I have plans to do another rave look and with more colors this time. :) Do you know what RAVE is? I didn't also until I googled it.

Btw here's the fashion blog of Edda :) -

"Rave, rave dance, and rave party are parties that originated mostly because of acid house parties, which featured electronic music and light shows." (according to Wikipedia)

So basically it's a party with light shows, neon colors and whatever. As you can see below I focused the look with the shades of pink and purple since my friend requested that it should also be glamorous at the same time.

Here are my rave party color inspirations :)

Anywho, here's the tutorial :)

1. Prep your face with your favorite foundation/concealer routine. I recently bought a  pimple concealer from Careline to match with my Careline liquid make up. It's cheap and very good. I needed a good coverage at this particular look since my skin is acting up when I was doing this tutorial. :) Set your makeup with powder.

2. Line your brows either with pencil or eyeshadow. I used pencil because it gives me more control. I made me eyebrows pointy and sexy with this look. :)

3. For base I used this purple cream palette from Revlon. I used this so the powder eyeshadow will stick to my skin and last longer. This will also help pigment the eyeshadow colors that I will be using.

4. Starting with a light pink eyeshadow from my Dollface Cosmetics palette, I then applied it on the inner corner of my lids to brighten my eyes. Use an eyeshadow brush. :)

5. Next, I used a hotpink eyeshadow and formed a sort of cateye in the outer corners of my lids to blend with the pink. I used the same palette. I apply it like so in the picture.

blend the two colors together :)

6. With a blending brush, I applied a lilac eyeshadow from the same palette all over my crease in a sweeping motion to blend the colors together and give it warmth.

7. With a plum eyeshadow from the same palette, I added depth to my eyes by applying it over the hot pink eyeshadow then blending it with the colors with the same sweeping motion.

8. Using the hot pink eyeshadow, I applied it in me lower lashline up to the center of my lashline.

9. I used the same light pink eyeshadow and applied it in the inner lowerlashline of my eyes and blended it with the hot pink.

10. On the center of my lowerlashline I apllied the same lilac eyeshadow and blended it with
light and hot pink.

11. I highlighted my browbone with the highlighter color on my Wet n' Wild Mega Eyes in blue palette.

12. Using a liquid liner from the face shop, I lined my eyes and did a cat eye look and lined my eyes with Mac eyeliner.

13. Curl your lashes and add some falsies and then apply your mascara. Mascara from Avon.

14. I applied bronzer to highlight my face features and then applied a rose colored blush
from Mac on the apple of my cheeks to give it glow.

15. For the lips I used my Fashion21 Nude Lipstick. This is my favorite lipstick. :)


Do you think I passed this challenge? Tell me.

Hope you liked it!
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