Friday, August 10, 2012

Makeup Secrets

Hey pandas!

What I have for you are some of the makeup secrets that every woman must know in order to achieve a good makeup look. Though, I have only been with make up for a few years, these tricks are the ones that I found very important everytime I have to apply makeup to myself or someone else. :)

1. Cleanse

This is really important.You would want to apply your makeup on a clean face as the dirt and oil trapped in your pores will clog up your skin and cause unwanted pimples or acnes. Cleaning your face with a facial wash suitable to your skin type will help reduce oil and de-clog your pores. Applying makeup on a clean face will result to an even and smooth makeup look.

2. Moisturize

I may not always put this step on all my tutorials but another important thing to do is moisturize. After cleansing, your face will get dry so moisturizing will help your skin give you glow. It will also prevent your skin to appear flaky once you apply products. You have to let it dry first then you can proceed with your makeup application.

3. Blend

The key to good eyemakeup is blending. Your face is like a canvass and your makeup tools are your colors and brushes.You wouldn't want to look like a clown do you? Blending colors together will smooth-en your eyemakeup. It would show smooth transition of colors and it wouldn't appear sharp in a bad way. Plus blending will help the makeup look more natural even with the darkest color.

4. Match

"Fifty shades of grey" (am I right? haha) Okay, if you want your makeup to appear more natural and not like someone mistaken your for a coloring book (I don't know if you get me haha) is to match the colors that you'll put on your face. If you'll go with earthly colors or pastel and even dark match them. Sometimes different shades of the same color could get very good results. Always remember, this rule goes only until you have the capability to try and experiment with colors, sometimes red can go with purple (with the right blending of course) or so on and forth.

You will always put the darkest shade in the outer corner of your eyes and the lightes in the inner corners and blend them. :)

5. Almost always do not play up with both your eyes and lips

Most of the time going in for both bold colors in the eyes and the lips would make your look appear fake. In the 80's looks like these are a trend but it has been always preferred that ones you get to play with your eye makeup then do not do the same for your lips and vice versa.

In other words: bold eye makeup + nude lips = 

bold eye and nude lips

an experiment on dark eye makeup + red lips:

I hope you liked it!
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