Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Night (Amy of Karmin Inspired makeup look!)

Hi pandas!

I have a new look for you sexy, slick and simple. :) Cat eye with a twist. This was inspired by one of my current favorite singers Amy of Karmin. :) I even did her suicide roll but it was quite a failure but well, hooray for first time. I have to confess that I'm starting to like cat eye even more and I even plan to do different liner looks if I can and I'd gladly share it all to you.
I was growing tired of that simple black cat eye and decided to add color to it. I love the color blue it's so serene and gold it catches people's attention. :)

I love all their songs :) Check them out! :)

Without further adieu here's the tutorial:

1. Of course you're favorite concealer/foundation routine. Bodyshop and Careline.

2. Fill in your brows. I did something different here I instead filled my brows with black autoliner from Skinfood instead of my casual medium brown pencil liner. It is because this is an era makeup and during the 50's eyebrows are thin and lined in black to give that sexy definition.

3. Apply your favorite blue eyeshadow in the outer corners and form a
cateye outline and fill in the inner corner of your eyes with gold. You can enhance the colors by first spraying water into your liner brush. Just like what you do with your watercolors. :) I used the 88 color palette from Dollface Cosmetics and Fashion 21's four color palette.

4. Apply shadow the same blue eyeshadow all over your waterline and eyeliner from Nichido.

5. I then applied a pink blush from my Beauty Angel Palette.

6. Your favorite red lipstick, here I used Avon's Red Lipstick.

7. I then applied falsies from my bestfriend and my theFaceshop Freshian Mascara.

 And here's the final look :)

 don't ask me why I did this pose HAHAHAHA

pouting like a boss

for Allyn: I used the falsies :) 

Hope you liked it!
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