Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Makeup Experience

Good day Pandas!

I am going to share to you something I did last Saturday. A friend of mine from school hooked me up into some makeup "gig" or whatever you call it last Saturday and fortunately I had my free time back then so I grabbed the opportunity and went ahead to the place of the photo shoot. It was for an academic purpose as what my friend told me and I was just informed the day of the photoshoot so I did not have any tools with me lucky that they have their own makeup with them.

So here I am, excited for more makeup experience and I met some new friends but I'm sorry I cannot remember all the names I'm weak with remembering names :/ Anyway all in all the day was good and I attended a birthday party that evening with my awesome friends. Happy birthday Trixie. :*

All I got was these behind the scene photos because they have not released their official photos for some reason and I promise to post some if it comes out and if they will allow me! Thank you for the experience Maan and Jang, Erika Cruz for referring me. I had fun! :)

                                                      From L to R: Sandy, Ichan, Me and Juls

Two photos from last Saturday's birthday bash care of the princess above Trixie Manos :)

If you want me to do your makeup just comment here or message me on twitter :)