Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Common Makeup Mistakes

Hi pandas!

So I will talk about common makeup mistakes that most of us are guilty about. I don't know but with my few years with makeup, I started to become conscious or keen when it comes to makeup looks of people I meet or whatever. I don't know if I'm the only one but I always get to have some focus on eye makeups with people especially cashiers in malls or other people and tend to find what's wrong with how they applied a certain makeup.

I searched all over the net to help me explain those mistakes because clearly I am not the first one to blog about these stuff. Here are the top 5 mistakes that needs to be corrected.

1. Cake face/ Pasty Face

I encountered the term just lately this year. What I mean with cake face is when a certain person uses too much of the powders, concealers or whatever makeup they have used in their face. They also sometimes do not know how to blend them in that's why they tend to appear cakey in the photos. The makeup tends to build up if nt well applied thus, a cakey face.

This is my definition of cake face ladies and gentlemen.

We usually don't notice the way we look after applying makeup because maybe of lighting reasons and no one ever says infront of our faces that our makeup is just plain wrong. Other reasons might be is we apply makeup products to dry skin so the makeup tends to build up on our face.

Tip: My tip from  my experience is to always moisturize your face before applying makeup and let your skin absorb the moisturizer first before applying anything else. Another things is, this maybe unusual but I always try to take a picture of myself with flash everytime so I can see if the makeup looks great on flash photography. Don't forget to blend the makeup well, of course.

2. The Wrong Shade

Okay, connected with cake face is always, I mean always applying the wrong makeup shade. Like what in the world, are you blind to not notice that your foundation or concealer is not the same with the color of your neck. I think this is the most common mistake we all have.

I was once guilty of this bear with me the room where I happen to apply everything has poor lighting. I was in my friends house back then. I over did concealer. -_-

Tip: The perfect solution is to pick up the right shade but the question is "how can I do that?" Simple. Do not be afraid to ask someone in your favorite makeup store to help you pick the right shade. I guess they should know, they are working with makeup. Another thing is there is this technique that my favorite guru Michelle Phan and other gurus have. Check them out. Youtube is where you learn things now. :) And also, do no forget my technique, the take-a-photo-first-of-yourself-in-a-certain-foundation-with-flash-photography to check how the look applies to you.

3. Over Plucking

As my favorite guru said "Your eyes are the windows to your soul and windows need frames." Imagine how ridiculous will you look without your eyebrows. The most common mistake with eyebrows besides shading it is over plucking. I don't know why some people do this, I think they have enjoyed trimming their brows so much that they did not leave anything. They don't know that it looks so unflattering. I mean that's my view I don't know what anyonelse thinks of how sexy over plucked eyebrows are, they are off for me.

It might work on some but most of the time it doesn't.

Tip: There are so many eyebrow tutorials out there, just please check them out.

4. Chicken Grease Lip Gloss

I have encountered the term while searching for a piece to write in this blog. I can't seem to find the right terms to explain applying too much lip gloss til I found the Chicken Grease thing. :) Lip gloss gives your lips that shine without applying so much tint to your lips. It makes you look fresh and keeps your lips moisturized all at the same time. But when it looks like you have eaten so much grease and decided not to wipe them off then that's the time you consider yourself having the chicken grease lip gloss. I don't know if you get the idea but when it looks like you can stick everything in the lips of that certain someone then it must be that they have enjoyed putting their lip gloss on.

Tip: Keep it in moderate.

5. Clown Blush

Who doesn't love putting blush on their faces? It gives you this glow that makes you look blooming and in love but a common mistake is applying too much. I need not to say more are you a victim of this?

Tip: Use a good blush brush and make sure that it is not damp when you use it. Blend well and in case of over blushing apply a layer of powder on it. :)

Other makeup mistakes you know? Comment below!

Hope this one is of great help!